Our Story

Mountain View Angus is a diversified 2300-acre crop and livestock operation.  It is located at the base of the Turtle Mountains in north central North Dakota.  The ranch headquarters are located 4 miles east of Bottineau, North Dakota on Hwy 5 and visitors are always welcome.

They  also operate, for the past 25 years, an agronomy service providing soil sampling and nutrient recommendations for the area farmers called Northern Soil Service.

We believeā€¦

        Our cattle should work for us, as efficiently as possible, thriving on native and introduced grasses during the growing season, and utilizing ranch grown feeds and crop residues in the winter.

        Cows should be able to calve on their own, outside and without assistance.  Calving difficulties are rare.  Because we are a family operated ranch, animal temperament is important.  High strung or mean animals are culled (because we cannot run as fast any more).

        Cattle should not hide behind an unlimited feed program.  We choose not to use feeds such as corn silage and pasture creep feeds because of the cost and they distort the animal true genetic ability to gain weight efficiently and maintain body condition.

        We are conservation minded, and have implemented several conservation practices into our operation.  We use a combination of rotational grazing by changing the grazing period to improve the quality of grasses.  Wells and tanks have replaced watering from dugouts.  By doing this we have been able to increase our herd carrying capacity and have seen improvements in herd health.

Owned by the Bruce and Sara Knudson.  They operate the ranch with the help of their daughters Amy and Jessica, and their families.  Amy is a Soil Conservationist with the National Resources and Conservation Services.  She is married to Noel Sand and both are involved in the operations at Mountain View Angus. They maintain their own herd of registered Angus cattle at the ranch. Jessica is married to Matthew Hunter.  Together they own and operate Hunter Cattle Co. near Antler, ND.  They lease commercial cows from Mountain View Angus to use in a crossbreeding program.